RLM Energy Group is a comprehensive building consulting company offering services in system design, commissioning and energy efficiency.  The company is capable of handling a building’s mechanical project from concept through design and into implementation.  Once the project is completed RLM Energy has the ability to provide commissioning services to insure the completed installation is performing as intended. 

With extensive in-house building system knowledge the company continually proves to be an invaluable asset to clients that want to develop building systems that meet and exceed energy savings goals, cost savings targets and capital cost budgets.

RLM Energy Group
 is focused on providing a practical approach to improving energy efficiency in buildings.  The company's goal is to become the clients trusted advisor by providing engineered design solutions that reduce energy, cost and emmissions while increasing asset value.

Our Services Include:
Audit and Commissioning:   
     - New York City Local Law 87 Compliance
     - ASHRAE Level 1, 2 and 3 Energy Auditing
     - Building Commissioning - New and Existing

Engineering Design:
     - Complete Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing design
     - Oil to Gas Conversions
    - Cogeneration
    - Boiler and Chiller Upgrades
Grant Assistance
     - Utility and Government Incentive assistance
Energy and Feasibility Studies:
     - Complete Building Energy System Feasibility Studies
     - Comprehensive building system assessments
"The Energy Efficiency Company Developed and Driven by Engineers"

RLM Energy Group
1 Hewitt Square Suite #203
East Northport, New York 11731

RLM Energy Group LLC
Combines: RLM Engineering PLLC and First Energy Management LLC
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